Simplified Business Strategy Development

Simplified Business Strategy Development

Business Strategy Development and Implementation focuses on defining strategy, the process of strategy formulation, including describing the roles of directors.

Overview of the program

This program helps you map your growth plan that has systems and processes that will help you focus. Our research done with over 200 entrepreneurs indicated that entrepreneurs don’t have business strategies, they don’t plan for growth, as a result, they are unable to measure progress towards their goals. The plan is generally not visible, no support structures. The entrepreneurs are unable to decide on the day to day priorities, as a result, they never achieve their goals.

Monitoring a business strategy will help you:

Get to know and understand how executing your plans will lead to business growth, that means increase in:

  • Customer demand
  • Sales revenues
  • Repeat business volume
  • Business volume
  • Customer retention rate
  • Accessible market size
  • Average sale value
  • RFP's received
  • RFP quality and size

have a Strong Competitive Position, that means improve in:

  • Market share
  • Market position
  • Competitive win rate
  • Growth rate vs competitors
  • Margins vs competitors
  • Leading brand awareness

have a Strong Financial Performance that means increase in:

  • Gross profits
  • Gross margin
  • Operating profits
  • Operating margin
  • Return on total assets (ROA)
"A clearly defined business strategy will help you remain focused and will also give your employees a sense of direction of where the business is heading." - Precious Mvulane CA(SA), RA

Developing a business strategy will help you:


A vision statement outlines what you want your business to be, or how you want the world in which the business operates to be (an “idealized” view of the world).

"Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success" - Pablo Picasso


Having a clear core values which support your vision and mission is a great start to create the culture.

“You’ve got to eat while you dream. You’ve got to deliver on short-range commitments, while you develop a long-range strategy and vision and implement it. The success of doing both. Walking and chewing gum if you will.” —Jack Welch


Building an understanding of your environment is a crucial process towards developing your strategy, and providing the information and intelligence to inform you of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. You must consider the environment which your business operates.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” —Sir Winston Churchill


By selecting a direction of what you need to be doing it helps you to focus which increase your productivity. Your operations efficiency will also improve because you only do what matters than just running around.
“Strategy execution is the responsibility that makes or breaks executives.” —Alan Branche and Sam Bodley-Scott, Implementation


Because you have selected projects it improves use funds and resources. You can finally be clearer of who do you need in terms of skills and experience to achieve the results you are looking for.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” —Sun Tzu


Once you have developed the strategy, you create a structure and system to monitor the progress and hold you accountable to your commitments.
“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” Michael Porter

Entrepreneurs reviews

What previous trainees say?

"I've learnt PESTEL, customer strategy, market analysis, how to expand my business, getting a vast stream of income, how to manage admin, business development and operations."
Louis Rasogo
Quencher Media House
"I've learnt how to take charge of my business and not to focus on being an entrepreneur but more of a business owner."
Salamina Malatsi
Rabothume Malatsi (Pty) Ltd

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